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Ending Our Condensation Nightmare

We have fitted an extractor fan in our bathroom (well, our lovely electrician has)!

Condensation Issues:

When winter hit, we really struggled with the levels of condensation in the Raggedy House and we tracked the issue down to the bathroom. We tried everything to reduce the levels of moisture in the house including: read more

Bathroom updates including the new shower

We never really intended to do much to the bathroom when we moved it, but there have been quite a few changes in there recently. I think this is turning out to be a “slow and steady” project.


We were forced to replace the basin tap in the bathroom a little while ago when it decided to stop working. As the bath taps seemed to be heading towards the same fate, we bought matching taps at the same time (but didn’t fit them immediately as they weren’t as urgent). We’ve done that now (thanks Mike). Apologies for the poor quality photos, but here they are: read more

Hello boiler, bye-bye shower

Hello Boiler:

We had our new combi-boiler fitted a few months ago. The old one was struggling – it could only produce about an inch of hot water before making some horrific noises, giving up and going cold again. Furthermore, when we started a boiler care contract with British Gas, we were basically told it was a waste of time as it would be impossible to source any of the parts for it if it broke. read more