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Demolishing the Front Garden Wall

We came back from a weekend away to find that our front boundary wall was missing a brick and was even more wonky than before (if possible).

IMG_5260 We had always known that we would have to re-build this wall, but we were putting off pulling it down until we were ready to do so. However, we decided it was time to act before it fell on someone and did some damage! read more

Revamping the Understairs Cupboard

Although it might seem strange that we are blogging about renovating our understairs cupboard, it was actually a lot of work.

When we moved in the space was in a dreadful state of repair and included a crumbling lathe and plaster ceiling, a manky old moth-infested carpet, patchy plaster-work throughout and large holes leading in to the kitchen (as a result of some of the dodgy wiring). read more

The Raggedy House

So. Six weeks ago (ish), we bought our first house. ‘Citing times..and somewhat challenging it would appear!

We thought we’d been pretty savvy in our approach. We spent about 6 months researching all aspects of buying a house, finding solicitors, surveyors etc. After two failed attempts, we finally found our house. A lovely little terrace, perfect for our first place and (so we thought) not too much work to be done. read more