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Taps – The Conclusion?

So apparently the taps weren’t quite done!

Olives. Not avocados, as I have repeatedly called them today!

These tricky little blighters turned out to be the problem! Despite stating confidently, last night, that the job was finished, it turned out that they were still leaking every so slightly. So today, after getting a couple of hours sleep following my night shift, I decided to attack the problem and get it sorted, hopefully once and for all. read more

Taps – who knew they could be so awkward!

Our latest foray in to the world of home improvement has led us down the path of tap replacement.

This wasn’t so much a choice, as a decision made for us. Two nights ago, the taps in the bathroom decided that they had served their time and that they were no longer required to hold the water back. So, on returning home, we found the taps running and impossible to turn off without isolating the water pipes leading to the taps. read more