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Replacing the Front Door

The front door we inherited was scruffy, ugly and no longer fit for purpose. It was definitely time to shake things up a bit.

The Old Front Door

Welcome to our (old) front door – it was a nasty dirty cream colour, as you can see below.

Inside was just as bad. Our hallway is small compact and having the fan light as the only source of natural light meant that it felt quite claustrophobic. read more

Replacing the Garden Fences

A quick review of how the garden has been developing. We left off here after some garden updates:

Photo 17-03-2014 16 06 17

…and then added a Raised Bed.IMG_5017

The next thing we desperately needed to do was replace the fences. We had several quotes for removing the old fences and fitting new ones, but they were so expensive that we decided to have a go at it ourselves. We measured up and bought all of the materials we needed from New Forest Fencing.  We had to wait for a couple of weeks for the delivery (due to ordering just after a lot of wintery storms), so in the meantime we got on with preparing the garden. read more

We have moved!

And before you ask, NO, not house again…. I don’t think either of us can face that quite yet!

Our blog has moved house, which is considerably easier than really moving house. We had decided a little while ago that we had been neglecting the blog, so we decided to give it a little push, put a bit more thought into it and try to keep the momentum going. read more