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Revamping the Understairs Cupboard

Although it might seem strange that we are blogging about renovating our understairs cupboard, it was actually a lot of work.

When we moved in the space was in a dreadful state of repair and included a crumbling lathe and plaster ceiling, a manky old moth-infested carpet, patchy plaster-work throughout and large holes leading in to the kitchen (as a result of some of the dodgy wiring). read more

Bedroom 2 – Decorating Complete!

Bedroom 2:

Apologies for the tardiness of this post! We did indeed get the decorating in bedroom 2 finished and in time to get the radiator back on the wall for our lovely new boiler to be fitted (there will be a post on that soon I hope). Unfortunately, that weekend we also shifted everything that had been filling our living room up into bedroom 2 so it was out of the way which made taking “after” photos a bit tricky. I’ve had a stab at it though, so here we go… read more

Bedroom 2 – The quick version!

We had the next BIG push on the house this weekend! Bedroom 2. Hopefully, this should allow us to stop living in the lounge quite so much!

Here is the (very quick) video version of what we did. We’ve spent the last two days stripping two lathe and plaster walls (which were, unfortunately, beyond repair) in preparation of the plasterer who is coming on Tuesday morning. It was either that or wait until June to get the room done. read more