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Building the Shed

Once the retaining wall had been finished, we were able to start work on the much needed shed.

Building the Shed Base

We opted for a concrete block base.  This lifts the shed up slightly and therefore allows air to flow around the joists which should help to prolong its life. It was also easier and cheaper than making a solid base for it (particularly given that the only access to the garden is through the house). read more

Building a Raised Bed

We have been interested in growing our own food for quite some time, but haven’t had the space to do grow much more than a few herbs or chillis in pots on the kitchen window sill before buying the Raggedy House.

We decided to give up a 2m x 1m patch of lawn to a raised bed and have a go at some square meter gardening.  We looked at raised beds in a few different garden centres but they seemed both flimsy and expensive. So, instead we designed and made our own raised bed from deck boards. read more