The Tale of the Kitchen and the Bodged Electrics

Here’s an attempt to bring you up-to-date with what’s already happened at the raggedy house.

We completed on the house 6 weeks ago. We turned up to find out that the vendors hadn’t moved out yet, despite us having the keys. Interesting (thanks for that estate agents)! After an hour spent at a friends’ house, we were finally able to get into the house. read more

The Raggedy House

So. Six weeks ago (ish), we bought our first house. ‘Citing times..and somewhat challenging it would appear!

We thought we’d been pretty savvy in our approach. We spent about 6 months researching all aspects of buying a house, finding solicitors, surveyors etc. After two failed attempts, we finally found our house. A lovely little terrace, perfect for our first place and (so we thought) not too much work to be done. read more

Blogging about our Victorian house renovation!