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House Tour

Welcome to the Raggedy House!

There have been some big changes around here since early 2013 when we moved in and there are many more to come!

As well as giving you the tour, this page will record our before, during and after snaps which we will be updating as we complete projects.

Click on any of the photos to see them full size.

Note: Most of the before pictures are the estate agents pictures which were included in the advert when our house was for sale.


The outside spaces of our property are one of the next things on our list – they actually looked worse after we bought the house (whoops). Nevertheless, here are some before pictures…

Front Garden

Front - Before

The wall on the right-hand side of this picture is in need of some serious attention (it is currently leaning at a 45 degree angle).

We want to rebuild the left-hand boundary too, add some plants, give the front door a new lease of life and weed proof the whole area. We will also need to extend the down pipe so that it spits water out onto the pavement instead of next to our house.

Back Garden

The garden didn’t seem so bad when we looked around the house, but when the previous owners moved out it was left in quite a state and it took a while to revive it. We have found a love of gardening since moving in to the Raggedy House (particularly for growing our own) and you can read about our progress in our outside space here.

Back - Before

IMG_0011Garden - Before 2IMG_0057

Still to do: Finishing off around the shed, re-laying the poor lawn and buying furniture.


This was probably our biggest project to date, but it has made a massive difference to the house. The work included completely rewiring, adding a new floor and rebuilding a wall. You can read about it here.Lounge - BeforeIMG_7981

Diner - BeforeIMG_7982


Kitchen Before_After

One of the first things we did when we moved in was paint this room a lighter colour! It doesn’t look so bad in this photo, but when you were stood in the kitchen it felt so small and dark.

We’ve made lots of other changes too, such as re-wiring, adding blinds, doing some retiling, adding skirting boards etc. You can read about them all here: Kitchen Posts.

Ultimately, the kitchen is a slow burner and we’re doing little bits and bobs to it slowly as and when we can.

From left to right:
From left to right: badly flaking distemper paint, sad ceiling, under the shelf (post carpet removal), view through the door.
Understairs - After
From left to right: fresh white paint, new ceiling, under the shelf including new floor, view through the door.

The understairs cupboard might seem a strange thing to “renovate”, but it really was in quite a state.  We have replaced the ceiling, given it all a lick of paint and installed new flooring.


Hall - Before

The hallway, stairs and landing still require a lot of attention. All we have done so far is to replace the grotty moth eaten carpet (see below – it was like that and worse, in large patches, throughout the house).


Longer term it will need a new ceiling, we’re going to replace the badly installed spot lights with pendants and it will need to be re-plastered and re-decorated as the walls are in a dreadful state.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom - Before Master Bedroom - Before

 Like the kitchen, our bedroom was another room which we decorated before we moved in so that we’d have at least one room to escape to. It will do for now, but will need to be re-done properly at some point. We need to paint the woodwork and ceiling, make some repairs within the wardrobe and we’d like to add some coving in.

Master Bedroom Posts.

Second Bedroom

Bed 2 - Before

A lot of work went into Bedroom 2, but unfortunately it is currently our main storage space so I can’t get a better “Progress” shot. It gives you the general idea though. You can read about our dusty progress here: Bedroom Posts.

 It is a blank canvas which needs blinds, pictures and furniture. We’ll update you when we get that far.


Study - BeforeStudy - After

The study is pretty much finished now, we just need to put pictures up. You can catch up with the transformation here: Study Posts.

 The “after” photos aren’t the best, but we will endeavor to update them with better ones at some point!


Bath - Before

Like the kitchen, the bathroom has been another slow burner. We have slowly made lots of little changes such as installing a new shower, a light and taps which you can read about here: Bathroom Posts.

New Taps
New taps
New shower
New shower

 We might renovate the bathroom properly at some point, but for now (as its our only one) we’re sticking to smaller changes to make it more live-able. For example, we’re about to add an extractor fan because we’ve struggled with condensation through the whole house over the winter.


Loft - Before

The loft is very much on our to do list!

The chimney in the dining area/bedroom 2 has been removed at some point but you can see on the right hand side of the picture that the bricks still exist in the loft. They are currently being supported (badly) by an “upside down” steel beam and a bit of wood resting on the ceiling joists (which aren’t designed for that). We need to provide proper support to the remaining bricks.

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