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We have moved!

And before you ask, NO, not house again…. I don’t think either of us can face that quite yet!

Our blog has moved house, which is considerably easier than really moving house. We had decided a little while ago that we had been neglecting the blog, so we decided to give it a little push, put a bit more thought into it and try to keep the momentum going. read more

Hello boiler, bye-bye shower

Hello Boiler:

We had our new combi-boiler fitted a few months ago. The old one was struggling – it could only produce about an inch of hot water before making some horrific noises, giving up and going cold again. Furthermore, when we started a boiler care contract with British Gas, we were basically told it was a waste of time as it would be impossible to source any of the parts for it if it broke. read more

The Raggedy House

So. Six weeks ago (ish), we bought our first house. ‘Citing times..and somewhat challenging it would appear!

We thought we’d been pretty savvy in our approach. We spent about 6 months researching all aspects of buying a house, finding solicitors, surveyors etc. After two failed attempts, we finally found our house. A lovely little terrace, perfect for our first place and (so we thought) not too much work to be done. read more