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How to fix a dishwasher…

… (or ‘Thank goodness for GoPro!)

Lately, our dishwasher has been playing up a little. You know the sort of thing, the odd bowl coming out looking like its completely unwashed, the occasional plate with carrots still stuck on.

We thought that maybe the dishwasher was just getting on a little – it did have a hard life before we rescued, repaired and re-employed it! But I wasn’t happy to let it slide that easily, I wanted to know what was happening. The problem is how do you see the inside of a dishwasher when it’s working? We don’t have one of those fancy clear, see-through dishwashers. For that matter, does anyone? (I’d really like to know if I could get one!) read more

Kitchen Improvements

We blogged a while ago about our Kitchen and the Bodged Electrics, which left the room in a bit of a sorry state. So, whilst we were sorting the study out over Easter, Kate’s Dad came down to help us finish off the Kitchen.

Tiling and Tidying Up Behind the Fridge:

When we moved in to the house we found that there was a large patch of plaster missing on the wall behind the fridge. There were also several large holes and channels where wires had been chased through the walls in the past. read more

The Tale of the Kitchen and the Bodged Electrics

Here’s an attempt to bring you up-to-date with what’s already happened at the raggedy house.

We completed on the house 6 weeks ago. We turned up to find out that the vendors hadn’t moved out yet, despite us having the keys. Interesting (thanks for that estate agents)! After an hour spent at a friends’ house, we were finally able to get into the house. read more