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Who are we?

We are Mike and Kate from the UK.

We got married in spring 2012 and bought our first house in early 2013, having both spent years in various shared/rented places.

What is this Raggedy House?

The name of our blog (and our house) is a small nod to Doctor Who and it seemed quite appropriate as our house is old (built in 1897), scruffy round the edges but already very much loved.

Unfortunately we’re finding out more and more that no-one has given it the attention it has deserved over the years and that’s where we come in (hopefully)! We knew we might have to do a bit of work to bring the house up to the standard we wanted it, but that “bit of work” has already somewhat expanded!

Why are we blogging?

Although it took a little while to set up, we intended to blog about our “house journey” from the off. We want to use this blog to record everything we do to the house so that we can look back on it in the future and to share our exploits with friends and family.

We also thought we might pick up some hints and tips from others along the way and that maybe we can share some with people in similar situations as we learn what we’re doing.

What do we do when we’re not talking about our house?

It feels like very little at the moment, but we’re big foodies, so we spend a fair amount of time cooking, eating out and even having a go at growing our own produce (we’re very excited about owning a garden now!).

We also love watching live music, pub quizzes and Mike loves to surf and Kate is trying to learn (we don’t live by the sea, so we don’t get to go too often). Our long term plan is to move to the South West of England so we can be closer to the sea and countryside that we love. Oh and the cider/real ale…


All opinions and thoughts featured on this blog are our own and reflect our own experiences.  None of the text, photos, videso or other content on this blog should be copied and re-posted elsewhere unless you have our permission to do so.

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Blogging about our Victorian house renovation!