Preparing the Hallway

Once we had replaced our front door we were ready to (finally) get going on revamping the hallway!

We had decided to leave this project until pretty much last as it is quite a small space which has sustained many knocks and dings as we completed all of our other work (i.e. bringing items like fences and the shed through the house as we have no side access).


We started off by having the whole hall re-plastered. The existing plaster was scruffy and in fairly bad shape. Its hard to show the poor quality of it in photos as the camera wouldn’t fully pick up on all the dents and years of poorly applied Polyfilla; however, some areas had entirely blown:

It also suffered from having the new door fitted (but we expected that, which is why we did it first).

Re-plastering has made a huge difference (apologies for the poor photos – it is winter and we currently have terrible lighting – another thing on the list to fix with the revamp!)…

It also allowed us to tidy up some bits that had been poorly finished originally – like this window where the dining room door would have been.  Our plasterer installed proper edging to neaten it up a bit.

Mist Coats

We have been kindly gifted* some decorating equipment by amtech to try out and this was the perfect project to fully test it. We started off with 2 mist coats of watered down white emulsion which we applied using the medium pile rollers (top left, below) and the angled brush for cutting in (bottom right, below) .

The roller gave a really good finish and the angled brush made it really easy to get into the corners whilst cutting in. The brush also didn’t lose any hair whilst painting (always a good sign of a quality product!) and was really comfortable to use due to the rubber handle.

We already owned an extendable pole which was very handy for painting the wall down the stairs which was otherwise tricky to reach. Although the new rollers could be used with the pole (which was very handy) we did struggle with the rollers being push fit on to extension pole because over time they wiggled off. Often this happened when we were when trying to load roller up with paint, which made things a bit messy, but it was easily fixed by giving it a good shove on again at regular intervals.

We did find the little roller really helpful for the fiddly bits in the hall, particularly near the bathroom where we have lots of little areas of wall.

What we really liked about this kit was the colour coding of the rollers – different colours for different piles of roller (i.e. blue stripes for medium pile) made it really easy to find which one we needed when they were all out an in use!

So this is where we have got to so far – ready to start turning the hallway into a more inviting space:

There is an awful lot left to do – each coat of emulsion on the walls took a full day (so 2 mist coats took up a whole weekend of their own) and we still need to paint the ceilings and walls, box in the electrics, replace the floors and do all the woodwork (eek!!).

*Disclosure: We have been given decorating tools by amtech as part of a product review. Although the products were a gift, all opinions in this post remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.

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  1. Love seeing the plastering before and after! In my house, the closets are the only place with the original plaster left, and they’re sorely in need of repair. Still on the fence between DIYing it and having someone do it for us.

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