Demolishing the Front Garden Wall

We came back from a weekend away to find that our front boundary wall was missing a brick and was even more wonky than before (if possible).

IMG_5260 We had always known that we would have to re-build this wall, but we were putting off pulling it down until we were ready to do so. However, we decided it was time to act before it fell on someone and did some damage!

This was achieved with our bare hands – it just needed a little bit of encouragement…
IMG_5262 It doesn’t look like much, but this took several trips to the local waste centre – it was really heavy!

Mike’s poor car!

Sadly it has stayed this way ever since (at least 2 years now – whoops)…

… we are almost there now though … and at least it hasn’t fallen on anyone!

We are looking forward to giving the Raggedy House some much needed kerb appeal and rebuilding this wall will contribute heavily towards that.

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2 thoughts on “Demolishing the Front Garden Wall”

  1. Great it all turned out well! A very successful DIY project it appears. It can be tricky and time-consuming projects such as these, but can have a lot of benefits when they’re finished. You can always consult a professional when dealing with larger projects, or if you find yourself at a road bump.

  2. Glad that you came up with the right decision. That wall could cause some accidents with your family and friends. So getting rid of it is just so right.

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