We’re a One Shower Household Again

When we last spoke about the bathroom we had just added a new shower (as well as a bit of update in some other areas). However, the old broken shower was still in place and the bathroom was still a bit mouldy/rusty/sad, so there was more that could be done.

Removing the Old Shower

The first step was to ensure that the electrics to the old shower were disconnected – our lovely electrician Keith did that for us. We don’t like to play with electrics, especially around water! Mike then simply unscrewed the shower from the wall…



…and cut the main wire that was connected to it. At this point the wire was completely unconnected to the consumer unit, so we left the wire in place and just poked the end back into the (giant?) hole that was left behind.


We then removed any surrounding tiles that had corners missing or cuts in them…


… and chipped off any old grout and sealant which had been left behind. We also sawed off the old water pipe so that it was level as this was no longer connected to anything either.IMG_5355


Thankfully, because our tiles are fairly boring and simple we were able to easily source some very similar ones from Topps Tiles. We used these to re-tile the gap we had created. Because we were doing such a small about of tiling we found it easiest to use a pre-mixed pot of grout and adhesive.


Like it never happened…

General Tidy Up

Whilst our tiny bathroom was out of action anyway, we took the opportunity to repaint the ceiling which had become embarrassingly mouldy.

We also:

  • Re-sealed bath and basin as all of the sealant was mouldy.
  • Replaced the toilet seat – the old one was broken and sad. We love our new purple one.
  • Refitted the shower curtain rail with a nice shiny new one.IMG_5392

Grout Whitener:

One of the last jobs was to whiten all the grout – this deserves its own section and a word of caution. I can’t remember exactly which whitener we chose, but it wasn’t a pen as this was quite a bit more expensive.

This was a massive error!

I wasn’t quick enough to go round and clear all the excess off of the tiles and now it is proving very tricky to remove and in short looks a mess! I will find a way at some point (and report back) but heed my warning in the meantime! Still, it’s better than the black mold that was there before!


And Finally…

What do you think – is it looking better?

Updated Bathroom Wish List:
  • Replace the sink and toilet to make better use of the space and not bang our knees on the radiator (not holding out any hopes for this :S);
  • Replace the bath panel (but not the bath) – particularly as this recently cracked;
  • Add some proper ventilation – it isn’t too bad whilst we can leave the windows open, but it gets very mouldy in there during winter;
  • Re-paint the ceiling using anti-mould paint (just to freshen it up a bit and provide some protection);
  • Re-grout the existing tiles, again to freshen it up;
  • Re-do the flooring;
  • Re-seal the basin.

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