Lounge/Diner – The Reveal

Sorry it’s been so long!  Life has been very busy and, whilst we’ve had the best of intentions, the blog has taken a back seat as a result.  We have been cracking on with the house (and garden) though, so we have plenty to update you with!

We have told you all about the constituent parts of our Lounge/Diner overhaul (you can read all about these here) and it is finally time for the big reveal.

The Lounge/Diner is the largest space in our house.  Originally two rooms it has, at some point in the past, been knocked into one.  It’s a lovely space but was a big one to tackle.


A quick reminder of the before…we had:

  • dodgy plastering;
  • skirting past its sell by date that wasn’t even attached in places;
  • a very damp and crumbly wall (eek);
  • only half of our sockets were working;
  • a moth eaten carpet.

Here it is (the estate agents photo’s don’t quite do it justice):
Lounge - Before
And after all the hard work…

SO much better (in our opinion anyway). It feels cosier and more homely and the lighter paint and feature wall make it feel bigger and brighter.

Reaching this point was a big milestone in our home renovation journey! Due to the size of this room, it was used as storage whilst we decorated upstairs (as we couldn’t use our loft). This meant we lived with it like this for a long time:


What a relief to have space, storage for things that really should not live in the lounge (i.e. the cooker which is what is under the dust sheet in the bottom right hand corner of the left hand photo) and some real furniture (like a sofa)!

Dining Area:

We finally were able to buy a dining table and stop eating on our laps! Also, we were able to take the dust sheets off of the piano and unpack all of our books (we waited for over a year, so it was quite a relief).

Diner - Before


Dodgy Wall:

Now that the dodgy wall has been plastered, painted and the radiator is back in place, you would never know that it had been such a mess! A reminder…

And now..



We replaced all the woodwork in the room and added architrave around the understairs cupboard so that it matches the other two doors.

We also replaced the skirting throughout.

Before: Skirting around the fireplace.
After: All skirting has been replaced – much neater!


In previous posts we have discussed our work on the Electrics and Networking in the lounge. Here’s the finished result – much neater and more organised.


Decorating and Furnishing:

We liked the idea of having a feature wall of wallpaper and picked this retro leaf teal wallpaper. It was relatively easy to hang (even with our crooked old walls) and we love the final effect.

For the walls we used Dulux Light and Space Desert Wind. We have used Light and Space paints in several of our rooms now and really like the effect of it.

We have added a couple of Ikea bookcases for storage. We customised one of them to add deep fully extending drawers to allow us to store our DVDs and CDs neatly away.IMG_7987

One of our favorite things that we have purchased for our house is our “top down bottom up” blinds in the lounge from Hillarys. These are quite expensive so we only had them installed in the bay window at the front of the house; however, we feel that they are worth every penny. They are attached to the window frames and you can then slide each blind independently up and down. This means we can hide the bottom of our windows to prevent people walking past on the pavement looking in, but can leave the top open so we can see the sky/let lots of light in. We find this a much nicer solution than having net curtains or full blinds.


Finishing touches:

We have already added some further storage in the form of a sideboard and a shoe cupboard since these photos were taken -we will share this at some point in the future.

We have also added some personal touches, such as this wooden bunting gifted to us by Kate’s Brother/Sister-in-law:


We have a few bits left to do though:

  • We need to plaster one wall to smooth out a slightly dodgy join which has been left from when the two rooms were knocked into one. We will do this when we plaster the hallway as it is not worth a plasterer doing it in isolation.
  • We will need to add in some skirting once the plastering is competed!
  • We still need to put up pictures and find something for over the fireplace!

A massive thanks to Mike, Mike’s Dad (Peter) and Kate’s Dad (Brian) – they worked super hard on this and it has made a huge difference to our day-to-day lives! We can finally sit down for proper meals and have people over – including the parents for thank you dinners!

Mike and Brian working hard…or pretending to for the photo anyway!

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