Adding in some Networking

Whilst we had most some of floorboards up to complete the rewiring, it seemed like a good time to network the house too. Mike wanted to have some hard wired ports in the Study so that we could have a good internet connection for the computer and to allow us to connect our TV to the computer so we can use it to look at photos and play music.

First, we channelled the walls ready for the new cabling…


…then came the task of running the new cables!  We started at the top of the house to allow gravity to give us a hand.  To try and make sure we only had to do this once, we decided to play it safe and run more cables than we actually needed – we’ve left 2 spares coiled beneath the floor just in case we need to replace one at any time.


We ran the cables down from upstairs, through the understairs cupboard and into the sub floor void on the ground floor. We then fed them across to the other side of the Lounge using various complex systems involving ropes, duck tape and bamboo canes (and Mike crawling beneath the floor)! Don’t ask…


Once we managed to get all the cables across, we then just had the relatively easy task of wiring them up to the nice, new faceplates and fixing them to the boxes.

Mike's Dad giving a demo on how to wire network cable. Thank you Dad!
Mike’s Dad giving a demo on how to wire network cable. Thank you Dad!
Mike did this one all by himself!
Mike did this one all by himself!

We also took the opportunity to tidy up the Sky and Telephone cables coming into the house and bury them under the floor.  We removed 3 dead telephone boxes from the wall behind the TV!  Now, everything feeds very neatly into 5 sockets hiding behind the TV.

The finished product!
The finished sockets (and “made good” plastering) behind the TV

All that was left to do was to tidy up the remaining cables in the understairs cupboard! Some simple plastic trunking did a great job and even matched the wall.


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  1. A major property renovation is not done well, esp – in Vick properties without a full rewiring and installation of the best in fuseboards, earthing and residual current devices. We wrote a humble post about it here

    Also were glad to see that you took the opportunity to network your home.

    Bravo, great job!

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