Bedroom 2 – Decorating Complete!

Bedroom 2:

Apologies for the tardiness of this post! We did indeed get the decorating in bedroom 2 finished and in time to get the radiator back on the wall for our lovely new boiler to be fitted (there will be a post on that soon I hope). Unfortunately, that weekend we also shifted everything that had been filling our living room up into bedroom 2 so it was out of the way which made taking “after” photos a bit tricky. I’ve had a stab at it though, so here we go…

The walls weren’t in a great state – there were some massive cracks (but mostly they were difficult to capture in a photo):

The plaster around the window has been repaired:


At the top of the window, we removed a piece of wood that the curtain pole was attached to, re-plastered and put some proper coving in place:

The skirting didn’t line up where an old chimney breast had been removed:

This wall had the old chimney breast in it and  hadn’t been properly  plastered when they removed it. Although you can’t see it from the photos, there has been a big improvement:

Before, During, After: The window


Currently we’re using this space to store everything whilst we sort out our lounge:


Once we’ve finished the lounge/diner we will finally be able to unpack and turn this from a storage space to a proper room – we’ll post more pictures when we finally get to that stage. It still needs curtains and obviously we need to furnish it.


Work is beginning on the lounge/diner on the 12th August with our Electrician returning to sort out all of the many plug sockets that were left without electric after the kitchen was fixed and also to add some new ones in and replace the consumer unit whilst he’s at it.

Here’s a before and during of our poor lounge/diner:

Left: Lounge/Diner just after we moved it; Right: current state… its getting better slowly!

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