At Long Last…A Study

The study is done! Not that we need a study, but it’s always nice to have somewhere to stick the computer and everything else like that!

It took about a week to do, during which time, we had hoped to complete both the study and bedroom two. More to come on that later though!

For those who enjoy the geeky side of things, here’s a little timelapse video showing the study from (almost) start to finish. There’s a bit of a gap in the decorating phase due to camera issues, but other than that, it’s a fairly comprehensive catch up in about 30 seconds!

And a before/after shot:
Study - Before

We spent a long time stripping yet more woodchip wallpaper in this room. All the walls were covered in never-ending amounts of Polyfilla and then some relentless sanding took place to get a better finish to paint on.

The study also saw us turn our hand to our first bit of real wallpapering (as the Master Bedroom went so well) which was tricky but worth it and we sanded and painted all of the woodwork too!
Study - After

So on to bedroom two.

We had hoped to Polyfilla and paint the room during the same week. However, when we’ve looked at it, the walls are in a truly appalling state. We’re currently getting quotes to see how much it would cost to get the walls skimmed, so that they can have a nice finish. And whilst we were at it, we’ve got quote to do the hallway too. Which means (potentially) pulling down some old lath and plaster. You can see how this has all snowballed this week!

Oh well, decisions can wait for now! We’ve got a nice, relaxing weekend planned and I’m going to try and stop thinking about the house for just two days! We’ll let you know how we get on…

3 thoughts on “At Long Last…A Study”

  1. Well you all look like Mr Pastry full of chalk. It is really good to see how hard you have all worked and what a good job you have done. It is good to see you dad in action this is where he should have stayed in the building work. He really is enjoying helping you both. Me it is good to have a bit of quiet time at home alone. Love you both mum xx

  2. No wooden floor, but we had all of the carpets replaced upstairs as the old ones were in a really poor condition and riddle with clothes moths! 🙂

  3. Very nice job, I wish I could redecorate a bedroom/office in 30 secs. Did you install a wood floor? Uncle Stew

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