Plastering Bedroom 2

The plasterer has been! ┬áHere’s the timelapse (another one!) for the plastering being done. It cuts out early as I managed to mess up charging the camera, but hopefully you should get the gist!

It has thrown up a few surprises, such as realising that the ceiling is not properly fixed in place. It appears that whoever plaster-boarded the ceiling just nailed the boards to the existing ceiling, rather than to the joists themselves. The consequence of this is that, if you climb a ladder, you can push the ceiling upwards by about an inch! The plan is to screw it properly to the joists and then hopefully, at some point in the future, finish it off with coving. read more

Bedroom 2 – The quick version!

We had the next BIG push on the house this weekend! Bedroom 2. Hopefully, this should allow us to stop living in the lounge quite so much!

Here is the (very quick) video version of what we did. We’ve spent the last two days stripping two lathe and plaster walls (which were, unfortunately, beyond repair) in preparation of the plasterer who is coming on Tuesday morning. It was either that or wait until June to get the room done. read more