The Bedrooms

I realised that, in all the updating, we failed to mention bedrooms! Let’s start with a success story!

We figured that we should tackle the master bedroom fairly early on so that we could at least have somewhere comfy to sleep. We didn’t like the existing colour scheme, it was too dark, so thought we’d try and lighten it a bit. We also wanted to tidy the walls up a bit as they were looking a bit haggered!

We settled on a colour scheme and thought we’d try our hand at wallpapering too. Don’t be under any illusions, we went for the cheating option and found some ‘Paste the Wall’ stuff that we liked!

Firstly, we thought we’d attack the walls with some Polyfilla to fill a few holes. Or so we thought. This was the end result of the hole-filling expedition…maybe we should have just re-plastered!

Patchy filling Bedroom filling

Painting was next on the list, which went fairly smoothly (pun intended!). Which left just the wallpapering. We approached this with some trepidation, neither of us having any experience. I’d like to think we didn’t do a bad job though!

Having decorated, we then hit a small stumbling block. My brother came to visit the house whilst in town. He walked in the door, took one look at the carpet and announced ‘You’ve got carpet moths!’ Carpet-whats? Apparently quite common, this was why large portions of our carpets were threadbare. Great! Another unwanted expense.

The next 3 weeks (ish) were spent sleeping on the floor, with the mattress wrapped in a large plastic sheet, just to make sure we didn’t attract any unwanted guests!  We made an appointment with Carpetright for them to come and replace all of the carpet in the hallway, stairs and landing as well as all 3 bedrooms.  We managed to go for the cheapest carpet they offer and still end up spending a fair chunk of money.  We did find out, however, that we had bought a synthetic carpet and that, therefore, we shouldn’t have any problems with the moths in the future.  Bonus!

With the carpet fitted, we were finally able to finish off the bedroom, construct the bed and properly move in to that room.  We had a minor issue with the water coming through the front wall of the bedroom not long after moving in there, but this seems to have been a one-off, having had far heavier rain since and not had a repeat show.

So that’s the master bedroom!The other two bedrooms are a different story.

Bedroom two has, inadvertently, become a dumping ground for all sorts of bits which don’t currently have a home elsewhere.  Bedroom three had some fantastic woodchip wallpaper, which appeared to have been partially and halfheartedly removed by some previous occupiers.  We wanted this taken off completely before decorating, so attacked nervously, crossing our fingers and hoping that it didn’t pull any plaster off. A day or so later, the wall was stripped.  We needn’t have worried, it was plasterboard!

So the plan from here on in?  We’ve got a week off together soon, so are planning to hit both of the remaining bedrooms, aiming to complete the decorating in that time.  Only then can we finally furnish bedroom three (the study) and make bedroom two the spare bedroom, ready to receive guests at last.

We’ll let you know how we get on and we promise to include some more photos to show our progress 🙂

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